Tanja Orning: Hommage À Anna-Eva Bergman

100,00 kr

In 2002 the performer and cello player, Tanja Orning, was asked by the director of the Henie Onstad Art Centre, Karin Hellandsjø, to play at the opening of an Anna-Eva Bergman exhibition. Tanja Orning decided to compose a completely new piece inspired and dedicated to Bergman`s art. The piece was entitled Hommage À Anna-Eva Bergman. In February 2009, the large retrospective exhibition Surrealism, line and form – Anna-Eva Bergman`s formative years 1949-52, opened at the Henie Onstad Art Centre. Once again Tanja performed and a couple of months later she was invited by the art centre to record the piece for the in-house label Prisma Records. On April the 13th Tanja Orning and sound technician Thomas Hukkelberg came together in the centre`s Studiohall, to record the piece. 

Limited edition  300 copies
Prisma Records, 2010