Ingar Zach & Andreas Meland: Music For Tinguely

149,00 kr

Music for Tinguely consists of two pieces commissioned for the Jean Tinguely exhibition - The Future As We Know It - presented at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter in 2009. Zach`s piece Tinguely Solo was created for the opening ceremony of the exhibiton on April 16th 2009 by using a Gran Cassa, percussion, sruti box and drone commander mixed together with sounds from the Meta sculpture by Jean Tinguely. Andreas Meland`s piece The future as we remember it was performed at the centre on April 19th as part of a concert day together with the bands In the Country and Golden Serenades. All the source material for Meland`s piece was recorded on site in the Jean Tinguely exhibition. Ingar Zach (b.1971) is one of Norway's leading percussionists and founder of the record label SOFA. Andreas Meland is a Norwegian sound artist and musician.

Prisma Records, 2009