Electromagnetic Modern Art in Northen Europe 1918-1931

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Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Scandinavian and Baltic artists have participated in numerous important transnational exhibitions and appeard in countless Central European publications. Works by Viking Eggeling, Henrik Olvi, Thorvald Hellesen, Otto Carlsund, Franciska Clausen, Aleksandra Belcova, Gustavs Klucis and GAN have been presented alongside those by avant-garde artists such as Fernand Lèger, Theo van Doesburg, Amèdèe Ozenfant, Le Corbusier and Juan Gris. However, their work often met with little enthusiasm when they returned to their home countries, where they were accused of producing irrelevant art that was uninteresting in a national context. Most of them have not been included in the main narrative of the international European avant garde. This pioneering publication repositions their work of the period 1918-31 in relation to the international movements of the time and sheds light on their shared global visions. 


Editor: Gladys C. Fabre, Tone Hansen, Gerd Elise Moerland
Contributors: Gladys C. Fabre, Tone Hansen, Gerd Elise Moerland, Ingvild Krogvig, Jan Torsten Ahlstrand, Liis Pählapuu, Viktoras Liutkus, Dace Lamberga,  Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, foreword by Tone Hansen, Anu Liivak
Design: Eriksen / Brown, Oslo,
Text: English
304 pages, 209 illustrations
Hardcover, half cloth
23.90 x 28.60 cm
Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, 2013
Hatje Cantz